Diffraction Glasses

If you’re looking for a brand new way to explore the world, it’s time to get your hands on a pair of diffraction glasses from FireworksGlasses.com. With a full line of high-quality, holographic lenses, you can turn any party, event, lightshow, or even classroom lessons into the most memorable visual experience around.

Educational Glasses

If you’re a teacher looking to captivate your students, diffraction lenses are the perfect way to introduce students of all ages to the study of color and light. Choose from 500 line/mm glasses or 1000 line/mm glasses to help students break down every color and ray into its essential elements. You can also choose double axis diffraction glasses to delight and astonish them with a dazzling light show.

At FireworksGlasses.com, we offer paper and plastic diffraction glasses, as well as a number of colors and styles,
to allow you the flexibility your classroom needs.

Entertainment Glasses

From EDM parties and concerts to fireworks and light shows, diffraction lenses from FireworksGlasses.com are the ideal solution. Our holographic lenses utilize double axis diffraction to break up lights and colors into bursting patterns and captivating displays. There’s no better way to entertain than with our patented diffraction grating embossed with a microprismatic surface that has over
13,000 lines per inch.

Custom Glasses

For the ideal advertising solution, take any of our diffraction glasses and customize them with your business name, logo, and information, as well as your choice of full-color images, themes, or art. We have a team of artist who are ready to help you design your own pair of personalized glasses. Choose from a number of stock themes and designs or go with an option that allows you
to upload your self-created layout.

Spark interest in your business, advertise a sale, or promote an event with custom glasses from FireworksGlasses.com.

Advertise, delight, and educate with extraordinary diffraction glasses from FireworksGlasses.com!