Light Diffraction Grating Glasses

With over 40 years of experience in the optics industry, has the experience and innovative solutions you need to enhance an event, captivate a classroom, or advertise your business. Choose from our selection of light diffraction grating glasses and discover how our glasses can make any event extraordinary.

Whether you need to hand out glasses at your corporate booth or you want to teach students of all ages about color and light, has a large selection of styles, colors, and types of diffraction glasses. Choose from linear or double axis holographic diffraction glasses and explore the world with the science behind uniquely designed lenses that feature 500 lines/mm, 1000 lines/mm, and 13,500 lines per inch

Each style is ideal for a different application. While our linear glasses are perfect for breaking down light and color into its most basic, spectral form for study, our double axis glasses are a great way to turn every splash of color and sparkle of light into a captivating display.

Diffraction in the Classroom

With our high-quality lenses, you can teach your students a great deal about the behavior of color and light. To make the learning experience even better, it’s a good idea to grab some of our classroom accessories, like peepholes, gas tubes, and handheld styles. Since our diffraction grating produces the best spectrum quality possible, with minimal distractions from other visual noise, all of our classroom-oriented glasses and accessories are designed with your needs in mind.

Custom Designed Light Diffraction Grating Glasses

All of our glasses are available for customization with help from our art department. Bring your vision to life or choose from our selection of pre-printed frames and add your logo, name, and information along the sides.

With the ability to personalize color, images, and content, our diffraction glasses are the ideal way to get the word out about your business or institution.

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