Rainbow Glasses Enhance your light show experience. Turn your next electronic party into a fusion of lights, color, music and dance.

Rainbow Glasses - View your world in bright new colors. The rainbow bursts will amaze you! Rainbow Glasses are printed in exciting full color science and nature themes with educational information printed on the backside. They are great in the classroom when a quality diffraction grating is needed for the study of light and color. Rainbow Glasses are great for watching Fireworks Displays, Holiday Lights, City and Streetlights and even the Moon and Stars. Experiment and have fun!!

Flower and Butterfly Design

Planet #1 Design

Planet #2 Design

Insects Design

Fish Design

Whales Design

Dolphins Design

Animal Design

Bird Design

Shark Design

Tye Dye Design

Groovy 60's Design

Winter Snow FlakeDesign

Santa's Magic Design

Santa's Magic Retail Display Box